Call Ducks

We got started with our first Call Duck in spring of 2017. We found a call “hen” for sale and of course I could not resist so we brought “her” home and she was named Purdy. We entered her in our local fair shortly there after and being the only Call in attendance, she won Champion Bantam Duck. It was when we were packing up to leave that show that we realized that Purdy was not a she, but in fact a he. At that time we had no other ducks on our farm Purdy had no one to talk to and had remained silent (voice being an accurate indicator of gender in ducks). Purdy also had no tail curl so we had no reason to dispute that he was a she. Thankfully we got that straitened out before we added to our flock and shortly after purchased a female mate for Purdy and so began a full blown addiction.

We had a successful 2018 show season and are gearing up for 2019 show and hatching season!