Guardianship Program

This program gives our breeding dogs, who we would typically offer as adults to retirement homes, the opportunity to potentially be placed with those families as puppies. In this program they can live with their forever families while we continue to pay for their regular expenses and they remain active in our breeding program. When they are ready to retire, we will have them spayed or neutered and they will become the guardian families dog, at no cost!

Our females retire no later than 6 years old and our males at 7 or 8.

As with everything, there are Pros and Cons…

the Pros:

  • Ultimately, the dog is free of charge.
  • We pay for the food and the vet services.
  • We groom at no cost to you.
  • We will board the dog when needed.
  • When the dog reaches retirement age they will be spayed or neutered, updated vaccines, health tested. Then you become their owner!
  • The person/family receives the priceless love and companionship of a beautiful Miniature Schnauzer.
  • If at anytime you decide the fostering program is not for you, we will take the dog back. Even after retirement.

the Cons:

  • The dog is ultimately ours until retirement.
  • The dog must come back to us every time she is in heat. She must be brought to us right away and stay with us for the duration of her cycle, then she may return to you.
  • Same goes for whelping, she will come to us 10 days prior to her due date and remain in our care for 6-8 weeks until the pups are weaned, then she may return to you.
  • Our dogs must remain in the care of Veterinary Services in Chapel Hill, TN.


This is a VERY selective program and we take serious consideration regarding potential guardian families.  Anyone interested in this program is welcome contact us for an application.


Wasabi is available in this program to an approved home.